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Welcome to TOOLFAB

We Toolfab Engineering Industries (P) Ltd, a leading engineering manufacturing company located it Trichy, Tamilnadu, India, over 2 decades of experience in manufacture of Wind mill towers (Lattice, hexagonal, tubular), Thermal Power plant's major pressure part equipments & accessories, mining components & backed up by strong technical & design expertise, project management and financial capability.

Upcoming Events

  • Toolfab have scheduled for ISO 3834 – Certification of Welding Workshop.
  • Toolfab have scheduled for DIN 18800 – Certification for Welding Manufacturer approval.
  • Toolfab have scheduled for ASME – ‘U’ & ‘S’ Stamp Certification & Accreditation for Boiler & pressure vessel engineering.

Safety Focus

We believe that a safe environment translates into cost savings for our customers by prevention of accidents which can ultimately speed up the project completion and thereby the company is committed. To ensure the safest systems of work and a safe, healthy working environment.By working with employees, to enlist active participation, interest and support of employees in promoting good standards.

Project Management

We understand the importance of accurate work and aesthetic completion within stipulated time frame.

Our project Planner starts planning for execution of the job at the very initial stage of receiving the inquiry. The various teams under the United Group of Toolfab ensures the activity flow along with relevant resources with specific time frame.

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  • Company Profile
  • Our Manufacturing Modules
  • Vision & Values
  • Our Commitment
  • Management Team
  • Fact File
  • Vision 2020

We Toolfab Engineering Industries (P) Ltd, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified engineering & manufacturing Indian company with global presence and diversified business portfolio in engineering products & high-tech manufacturing located in Trichy, Tamilnadu, India.

Founded in 1995, by Mr. Chava Madan Mohan with his entrepreneurial spirit and passion to undertake critical business projects lead by transformational leadership, as resulted in “Toolfab has supported world-class businesses in renewable energy, thermal energy, and conventional energy based engineering in a significant scale”.

Over 2 decades of experience we have established our name as “The best in heavy engineering fabrication of Wind mill towers (Lattice, hexagonal, tubular), Thermal Power plant's major pressure part equipments & accessories, mining components, etc”.
We are well known for pioneering achievements in Indian Industry backed up with team of strong technical, highly skilled and motivated Human Resources capable of working in challenging environment & world Class Manufacturing facilities with able financial capabilities.

Founded in 1995, Toolfab has geared up gradually towards from small scale manufacturer to one of the largest and most respected business groups in India.

Structural Columns                                           ‘+’ Columns, ’I’ Columns, Box Columns, Ceiling Girders
Structural Beams Welded Beams, Bracing Beams, Bracing Boxes, Buck stay beams, Monorail
Ducting Square, Elbow, Transition, Circular, Equal Tee, Unequal Tee, Chimneys, Reducers, David Assembly, Flue Gas Duct, Cold Gas Duct, Oil Air Duct, Air Foil Duct etc.
Dampers Gate, Auto- dampers, Circular dampers, Isolators, Wind Box Assembly.
Expansion Bellows All type of Bellows in MS & SS
Conveyor Equipments All type of Pulleys with Shaft, Drive Head & Tail End Station, Idlers, Standard Shiftable Frames, Transition Frames, Belt Scrapers, Skirt Board, Crawler Pad.
Others Steam Flow Diverter frame, Steam Flow Duplex Flap, FlapArm, Gear Box Assembly, Toggle Arm, Seal Air Fan Frame, Guillotine Top Frame, Track Plates, Bends, Reducers, Venturi Meter, Flow meter, Panels, Diffuser, Air Header Blocks, Casing Walls, Skirt Assembly, Track Plates, Doom Bridges, Mill Housing Armoring Plates, 1400 Ltrs. Buckets.
Pressure Parts All type of coils, loose bends, water wall panels, headers,Tanks,Pipings, skid assembly, welded bifurcates, fabricated unequal tee, Drums and ring header.
Wind-Mill Towers                              Conical, Tubular, Hexagon and lattice types.

Our Vision

Core Vision: To be a premium global conglomerate with a clear focus on each business division.

  • First and foremost core value : “Never sacrifice on time, Quality and Integrity”
  • A Cost Effective Work Organization
  • Flexibility and Adaptation to the needs of the client, we sent up a comprehensive engineering expertise for each projects.
  • Association abroad in joint ventures with the strongest local companies or long term cooperation when required by the client or justified by market demand.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Passion
  • Speed & accuracy
  • Bulk Volume handling capacity
  • 100% Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Time

Toolfab manufactures engineering components to meet specific requirements of the customer.

Our commitment and relevant activities are driven by the following objectives.

  • We will maintain our position as an innovative industrial leader with excellence.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction through timely delivery of quality products and services, at competitive prices.
  • Constant research for cost effective solutions, Toolfab will continue innovating new technologies, throughout our projects to improve the performance reliability and quality on our systems.
  • Bring about involvement of all employees in achieving the above objectives.

We are well equipped with the latest “state of art” equipment to meet the customer requirements of quality and timely delivery, along with the expertise of well experienced engineering team, trained technician team, improved infra structure, précised machinery, totally a committed workforce.

Fact Toolfab having its 4 manufacturing units in 53 acres in which the constructed shop floor area is almost 2.5 lakhs Sq.ft.

Able to handle & manufacture 50000 MT of heavy engineering products per annum.

Global leader of windmill towers manufacturing (conical, tubular, hexagon & lattice types) and manufactured more than 1300 windmill towers in all models in India.

We have manufactured wind mill towers almost to all the windmill tower customers in India.

Major & critical mining component supplier to Neyveli Lignite Corporation in India.

Biggest producer of structural steel components & pressure part components to BHEL & other NTPC agencies in India.

Toolfab is gradually “Expanding its business divisions” to meet the energy based engineering imperatives of the forthcoming two decades by driving an special leadership focus on internationalizing the group by certain special strategies which had been a key factor in our growth.

  • Market focus
  • Resource productivity
  • Operational performance
  • Leveraging technology
  • Meeting customer requirements

Our "Core" Beliefs

While true agility and sustainability have been on leadership and best practice agendas for past 3 decades, We believe that the present decade will see an upsurge in our business divisions.

Toolfab team will desperately focus on their “core” and drive a special market focus in a joint venture of specialized partners to deliver the rest of their value chains.

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